Dan Mohn

Greetings, and welcome to my photographic world. This site reflects the images of my soul -- the interests, events, and natural beauty that provide me comfort, fulfillment, and appreciation for the challenges we have as stewards of God's wonderful creation.

As a native of the Southern Appalachian mountains, my earliest love was nature in all its grandeur -- hills and hollows, trees and flowers, sheer rock faces, waterfalls and crystal clear streams, animals in the wild. I spent years camping, hiking, rock-climbing, whitewater canoeing -- and some of my most enduring memories arise from those activities. Music was another early and continuing influence in my life. As a son of a craftsman in brick and stone, I also gained appreciation for architectural design and the textures of man-made materials and structures.

As I eased from the work world into an unexpected early retirement, I resurrected my interest in photography -- as therapy and as a creative outlet. My efforts are, at best, those of an advanced amateur. But I hope they may speak to your eyes and your soul in some small way, and you will join me in celebrating our wonderful world.